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This page provides an in-depth look at the '1xbet Terms and Conditions', essential for users engaging in online betting and casino games. It covers bet types, settlement rules, bet cancellations, and general terms, offering clarity on the operational framework and legal compliance essential for informed betting practices.
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The ‘Terms and Conditions’ of 1xBet form the foundational agreement between the bookmaker and its customers. These stipulations are crucial in defining the operational guidelines, outlining the types of bets available such as singles, accumulators, system, and chain bets, and live betting options. Additionally, they cover essential aspects like deposit and withdrawal methods, customer support availability, and detailed rules for betting on a wide range of sports and events. Understanding these terms ensures users can navigate their betting experience with clarity, abiding by the standards set by 1xBet, thereby fostering a fair and transparent betting environment.

General Rules

In the realm of 1xBet, understanding the foundational terms and definitions is crucial for a seamless betting experience. These rules not only define the basic operational framework but also ensure clarity in the betting process.

  • Bet: At its core, a bet represents a risk-driven agreement between the customer and 1xBet, contingent upon the results of future events. The acceptance of bets is governed by the rules laid out by 1xBet, with potential winnings hinging on the outcomes of these events.
  • Outcome: This term refers to the actual result of the event(s) on which the bet was placed. It is the deciding factor in determining whether a bet is successful.
  • Customer: The customer is an individual who engages in betting activities with 1xBet. They are the ones placing bets on various outcomes in adherence to the bookmaker’s regulations.
  • Bet Cancellation: There are instances where a bet does not reach a conclusive end, resulting in its cancellation. In such scenarios, according to 1xBet’s Rules, the agreement between the customer and the bookmaker is deemed null and void, leading to the refund of the stake.
  • Regular Time: This term signifies the official duration of a match as per the specific regulations of the sport in question. It encompasses the time added by the referee but does not extend to extra time, overtimes, penalty shootouts, or any other extensions beyond the regular playtime.

These fundamental definitions form the bedrock of understanding how betting operates within 1xBet, paving the way for informed and responsible participation in the world of sports betting.

General Terms

1xBet upholds a set of General Terms and Conditions (GTC), mandatory for all users to accept upon registration. These terms, primarily in English, may be translated into other languages, but the English version prevails in case of discrepancies. Operated under Curaçao eGaming license 1668/JAZ, 1xBet’s games are overseen by the Gaming Control Board of Curaçao. Participation in games requires acceptance of the Responsible Gaming Agreement (RGA) and Gaming Terms and Conditions (GT&C), which includes significant limitations and restrictions for player protection.

Certain individuals are barred from betting, including minors under 18, participants in the events (like athletes, coaches, referees), representatives of other bookmakers, and those legally restricted from contracts with bookmakers. The website’s use is deemed illegal in some countries, and it’s the users’ responsibility to comply with their local laws. Users must also ensure gambling legality in their territory and seek legal advice before registering.

1xBet reserves the right to refuse bets for violation of these rules or social conduct standards. Bets are settled based on the data from the processing center, and winnings are paid within 30 days of the event’s result publication. Betting terms may vary post-bet placement, but the conditions at the time of the bet placement remain binding.

In cases of technical failures or suspicion of unsportsmanlike conduct, 1xBet may void bets. The bookmaker adheres to stringent policies against match manipulation and is aligned with the Council of Europe Convention on sports competition manipulation. Amendments to these rules will be communicated to users, with bets post-amendment subject to the new rules. Complaints about transliteration or translation issues of names and venues are not entertained by the bookmaker. Bets are considered final as proof of acceptance of these rules, and 1xBet is not liable for indirect losses or damages. The right to update these rules is reserved by the bookmaker, effective immediately upon website publication.


In conclusion, the ‘1xbet Terms and Conditions’ offer a comprehensive and transparent framework for users to engage in online betting. These guidelines, meticulously outlined, ensure a fair and secure betting environment. From the basics of bet placement to the intricate details of bet cancellations and settlement, 1xBet provides clarity and thoroughness in its rules. The adherence to legal standards, particularly with regards to responsible gaming and the prevention of unsportsmanlike conduct, highlights 1xBet’s commitment to maintaining integrity in online gambling. For beginners and experienced Malaysian players alike, understanding these terms is key to a gratifying experience in sports betting and online casino games. By agreeing to these terms, users step into a world of informed and conscientious betting, backed by the assurance of a well-regulated and customer-centric platform.


What types of bets can I place with 1xBet?

1xBet offers a variety of bet types, including singles, accumulators, system, and chain bets. Additionally, for specific events, you can find markets like European handicap, correct score, and over/under bets.

How are bets settled at 1xBet?

Bets at 1xBet are settled based on the data from the processing center. Winnings are paid within 30 days following the official publication of the results of the last event on the bet slip.

What should I know about bet cancellations at 1xBet?

If a bet is cancelled at 1xBet, it means the bet is not settled and winnings are not paid out. In such cases, the stake is refunded as the bet is considered unconcluded.

Is it mandatory to accept 1xBet's Terms and Conditions?

Yes, accepting the 1xBet Terms and Conditions is mandatory for all users. This agreement is crucial for legal access to the website’s services and must be agreed upon during the registration process.

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